Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to decimate lives globally and stricken economies and financial markets. What began as a health battle has rapidly become an unprecedented financial and economic crisis. Governments and central banks continue to pour unfathomable amounts of funds into supporting businesses, families and financial markets, yet the economic projections remain at best dismal.
Apart from the devastating illness and deaths, one of the most telling factors is sure to be the rapidly rising levels of unemployment and the crash in household incomes as social distancing, particularly stay at home enforcements lead to the closure of enterprise on a mass scale.



J&T Trust Inc. is a Barbados domiciled International Bank and Trust offering a variety of wealth management solutions tailored to the needs of our high net worth individuals and corporations. 
As a chartered bank incorporated in Barbados since 1966, J&T Trust Inc. is committed to ensuring the highest standards of personalized service to our clients. With a diversity of service offerings, the Bank is a leader in international business services to high net worth individuals & corporate clients. 
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To consistently be a leader in international financial services to a growing international clientele of high and ultra-high net worth individuals and corporation



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